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Jeroen Allebé

Territory Sales Manager, Software Monetization, Gemalto

Jeroen Allebé is the Territory Sales Manager for the Benelux region for the Software Monetization unit of Gemalto. Having worked in the IT industry for the last 7 years, he has dealt with many license management projects and has gained great insights into how the right licensing strategy can help companies become more profitable. The skills Jeroen acquired whilst working in the consultancy industry in years prior have helped him create a deep understanding of business processes and challenges. Finding the right solutions for license management issues companies face is one of his passions.

Jeroen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Communication. When he is not out helping businesses achieve growth through software monetization, Jeroen enjoys music, international travel, and spending time with his family.

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Cadac Takes a Unified Approach to Licensing
1 year ago

Cadac Takes a Unified Approach to Licensing

In ancient times, juggling was seen as a ritual that symbolized the seeds of Order and Chaos. It was believed that throwing balls in the air in a certain sequence would ensure fertile soil and good crop harvests. For today’s software companies, managing multiple licensing systems is more Chaos than Order, and no amount of juggling will yield the desired results. That’s why so many ISVs are turning to software monetization as a means of creating a more unified licensing experience.

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