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Germany – LicensingLive! 2018

On March 15, 2018LicensingLive! – the Software Monetization Business Forum 2018 took place under the motto “Software Distribution 4.0: Complexly Simple – Simply Complex” in Munich. This event was aimed equally at manufacturers of intelligent devices and software manufacturers and represents an important network platform.

Current market developments, such as digital transformation, servitization, consumerization and monetization, employ many companies and raise many questions, uncertainties and challenges, such as: Can my company meet these demands? What steps are needed or what internal and / or external resources are needed to protect my intellectual property, stay competitive and increase sales? Discuss current topics, trends, market developments and visions in the hardware and software industry with industry experts and other companies to discuss possible solutions and success stories.

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Event Schedule / Agenda

day time speaker presentation
ThuMar 15 9:00am

Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

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Ansgar Dodt VP Strategic Development and Managing Director at Gemalto



Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Software Distribution 4.0: Complexly Simple - Simply Complex

Digitization, servicing and consumerization are not just buzzwords. How are these industrial trends monetized? The key criteria for a successful future thanks to software monetization.
Alexander Neumann, VP Sales Northern Europe, Software Monetization, Gemalto


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

New pricing strategies for flexible business models

New pricing strategies for flexible business models in times of digitization and software as a service.
Jens Hasche, Director, Simon Kucher & Partners


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018



Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Sentinel Up - Keeping your customers up-to-date

Automatically distributing automatic updates, patches and hot fixes in the field.
Lukas Herbst, Execution Product Manager, Gemalto


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Ready for the future? - A contemporary digitization

Software Monetization strategy in the metalworking industry. Why is a good partnership important?
Christoph Opitz, Head of Software Cut & Bend, Bystronic Laser AG


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Implementation of self-service functionalities for end customers and distribution partners

Software Intuitive and configurable self-service portals, smooth ordering and sales processes, strengthen customer loyalty.
Carsten Sckopke , Solution Architect, Gemalto


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018



Michael 'Mizu' Zunke CTO - Software Monetization, Gemalto

Efficient protection against piracy and reverse engineering


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Licensing under control. Innovative Approaches to Stronger Market Alignment

- Multiple Business Models in Response to Changing Market Requirements
- More Transparency Through License Management
- System Consolidation and Process Automation
- Which Internal Processes Are Affected?
Ralf Mische, Strategic Services / Sven Hubert, Head of EPLAN Cloud Solutions, EPLAN


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018



Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

PHILIPS is much more software than you think ...

As a leader in digital medical technology, Philips offers both stand-alone and software products embedded in smart devices. Gemalto's solutions and services are an important key component and a trailblazer for innovation.
Oliver Matthias Kipf, Business Process Expert - Software and Services, PHILIPS


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Panel discussion - panel of experts


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

Cocktail reception and networking


Germany - LicensingLive! 2018

End of the event

Event Speakers


Ansgar Dodt

VP Strategic Development and Managing Director at Gemalto

Ansgar Dodt is VP Worldwide Sales for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto and has been with the company since December 2005. Dodt joined the company following Gemalto’s (formerly SafeNet) acquisition of Eracom, where he held the position of managing director on the executive board for four years.


Dodt has a proven track record of successfully managing businesses to meet major growth and profit goals. In his time as MD of Eracom, Dodt successfully positioned the company as a supplier to the smart card industry, doubled global sales in disc and file encryption and quadrupled sales per capita in the EMEA region. Prior to this, he worked as MD at Pari Capital, the former owner of Eracom, and as senior engagement manager for McKinsey, specializing in the high-tech sector.


Michael ‘Mizu’ Zunke

CTO - Software Monetization, Gemalto

Today at SafeNet Software Rights Management in his CTO role, MiZu is driving new technologies and the strategic evolution of the platform. He is a specialist in application security for licensing, protection against reverse engineering and automated technologies to integrate security paradigms into applications. He is responsible for overall security architecture and innovation in the field of Software Security and Licensing.

MiZu also holds several patents in the software security arena.