A great software licensing system combines automation of enforcement in the product with integration in to back office CRM, ERP, marketing and fulfillment operations.

Sentinel EMS from SafeNet provides the operational interface for licensing, and while it comes with a great web based user interface, it also comes with a whole host of web-services built in.  The best way to automate the process from sale through the license lifecycle of the customer is to “wire” in the EMS system in to the different applications that run your business.

When a sale is recorded in your ERP system, EMS can:

  • grab the customer and sale information directly
  • notify the customer that the licenses and the applications are ready for download
  • notify support of the activation of a product by the customer
  • send activation data to your marketing system to include in automated reports

You could do all of this manually in our user interface, but with entitlement automation like that, why would you?