I stumbled across an interesting Gartner blog this morning that features a series of posts “SaaS vs Software” — all very interesting. In one of his more recent posts SaaS vs Software: Their Licensing Needs to be Integrated, Guy Creese (the blog’s sole contributor) begins to explore licensing. He starts by acknowledging that while everyone is talking about the need for a single platform that can run in-house or in the cloud, not a lot has been written about the growing need for a single licensing model as well. Definitely an interesting read, I recommend checking it out!

“Vendors who offer equitable SaaS licensing and pricing, as well as make it easy to move back and forth between in-house and cloud platforms, will score a huge win in the market. So far, the conversation has centered around the tools and technology; now it needs to start including licensing and pricing.”

– blogs.gartner.com, Guy Creese, May 2010

You should read the whole article!