I have spent the last couple of decades working for (not just with) major ISVs as the person responsible for “making it all work”.  I was the guy the executive team tasked with putting a plan together that showed how we could protect our revenue stream, how we could give customers tools to keep themselves compliant, how we could get better insight into understanding our customers’ product deployment patterns, selecting the right licensing models and policies, selecting the right licensing technology and vendor… all while somehow engineering a good customer experience without upsetting the apple cart.  Sound familiar?

If I have learned one thing along the way it is this: “getting licensing technology to work” and “making licensing work for your business” are not only two COMPLETELY different ballgames; they’re different sports altogether.  I have seen so many licensing projects start with an emphasis on technology only to end up in mediocrity because they failed to focus on the processes associated with integrating licensing methodologies into their business.  It’s a team sport!

Join us on Thursday June 17, 2010 at 1:00pm (EST) where I will coach attendees through a webcast entitled “The SafeNet Playbook: 7 Traits of Licensing Champions”.  We will cover some of the best practices for a building a winning business integration strategy, and provide valuable insight relative to each phase, including:

  • Organizing yourselves to support the implementation
  • Things to consider when defining a complete set of license enforcement requirements
  • How to roll out a licensing implementation to sales teams and customers
  • Will your licensing implementation affect revenue recognition?
  • Building out the customer experience

I encourage you to participate in this live webcast to  learn what it takes to build a winning license management team and strategy that will generate new revenue streams, cut costs and maximize user satisfaction! Click here to register today: http://bit.ly/7LicensingTraits