What are you going to do as the market landscape changes?  I pose this question to many of the ISVs I talk to when the topic of ‘software as a service’ comes up.  This very question is one that my team and I here at SafeNet have thought about for a couple of years.  It started off as a what-if, eventually morphing into a when; thinking was replaced with researching, defining, building and testing.

Everyday SaaS eats into the on-premise software market.  When compared to traditional methods of purchasing and consuming software it offers advantages to some.  Whether it’s more economical, easier to use, provides more options or presents less risk for the end user, increasing segments of the market are choosing SaaS over on-prem. We are nearing the crossroads, where ISVs need to start adopting and integrating some SaaS-based options for their customers.  End users expect it and will find it, if not from you, than from someone else.

We have done our homework; uncovering some of the challenges that ISVs face when entering this market, and have crafted a service to help you along the way. ISVs can soon (February 2011) implement SafeNet’s Sentinel Cloud Services and learn more.  I suggest taking advantage of some of our webinars, upcoming events and expertise as you begin to develop your software monetization strategy for the cloud. Visit www.sentinelcloud.com to access all of our resources

Our upcoming Licensing Live event ‘Monetizing Software in the Cloud ‘will educate you on planning the best approach for your organization.  Hear from industry leaders and beta customers alike.  See a live demonstration of our Sentinel Cloud Services, the industry’s first and only software monetization solution for the cloud, or even register to take Sentinel Cloud for a spin with a free trial subscription!

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Tuesday March 8, 2011 – Boston
Thursday March 10, 2011 – Santa Clara
Monday April 11, 2011 – Tel Aviv
Wednesday April 13, 2011 – London