While your current security infrastructure is robust, you need to ensure that you effectively keep your implementation protected in order to increase your product’s longevity and significantly increase your company’s revenue.

  • Use both API-based implementation and automatic protection
  • Insert multiple calls in your code
  • Encrypt and decrypt data using the key’s on-chip encryption engine

To better assist you, SafeNet has authored “From Hack to Counterattack: A Guide to Protecting Software Products Against the Top 8 Piracy Threats” that examines a variety of the most common hacking techniques and the best counterattacks available for protecting applications from piracy.

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Want to take the security of your implementation to the next level?
Our Professional Services Team provides clients with the ability to gauge the security of their existing licensing implementation. Once the security assessment is completed the client will receive a detailed vulnerability report highlighting areas of weakness and recommendations for improvement. Contact our Professional Services Team at Professionalservices@safenet-inc.com.