In March we officially released Sentinel Cloud Services, the industry’s first and only software licensing and entitlement management solution delivered “from the cloud for the cloud”. In prior issues I have discussed some of the growing trends toward SaaS-based applications and the shift away from on-premise software from both an internal perspective and end user experience. At this moment, I want to assume that a large percentage of our customers have already embraced the benefits of SaaS and are beginning to think about transitioning some of their offerings to the cloud.Now is the time to act – being a SafeNet customer provides you with an ‘early’ opportunity to easily transition your on-premise software to the cloud.  Start small by selecting one or two of your product lines and we will guide you every step of the way. In fact, with Sentinel Cloud Services we have already successfully enabled our beta customers to:

  • Define service catalogs and pricing models ‘at the feature level’
  • Provision service agreements instantly, improving efficiency and minimizing ‘manual errors’
  • Control user authorization to ensure ‘service agreement compliance’
  • Track and measure customer usage and improve decision making
  • Adapt service offerings and pricing models (without involving engineering ) ‘on the fly’ 

View LicensingLive “Monetizing Software in the Cloud” on-demand to hear from a few companies that are already licensing their software in the cloud.  Learn about industry trends from our SaaS experts, as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid along the way.