The SentinelCloud team has been working hard to build and launch the latest addition to SafeNet’s family of Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions,  Sentinel Cloud Services.  While the service successfully made the transition from Beta to GA earlier this year, the team remains hard at work focused on customer evaluations and getting new customers up to speed, while at the same time planning and developing the roll out of new functionality over our quarterly release schedule.

Getting back to our interactions with customers … feedback has been nearly universally positive.  We have heard from customers of all types and sizes. .  Sentinel Cloud has appealed to  SaaS startups, transitioning on-premise software vendors,  and equipment manufacturers large and small. I would like to highlight one prospect who has completed their evaluation of Sentinel Cloud.

Centercode is a SaaS company which provides beta test management solutions which helps it’s customers optimize the entire process of beta tests.  It’s no coincidence that most of Centercode’s customers are well regarded for their focus on user experience and quality products.  Centercode has been in business for over 10 years transitioning from the ASP model to SaaS.   Centercode has a well established licensing and entitlement solution which they have built and rebuilt a few times over a number of years.  They came to us after realizing that they would have to make further investments in their home grown solution, yet again, to support a new licensing model for their services.    Fundamentally, the realization that they are not experts in licensing, nor are they interested in investing in something not core expertise, led them to finding Sentinel Cloud.

Centercode is looking to now license on a per project basis.  This new license model is in high demand from prospects coming from the small to medium customer size segments, as well as some larger customers who operate on a more decentralized basis.   Luke Freiler, the CEO and founder of Centercode, is optimistic that this model could become the most selected licensing model by customers due to the flexibility it offers.

Centercode was very positive about their evaluation of Sentinel Cloud.  They commented on the ease to implement, the flexibility of the solution, and ultimately to the time & money it would save them as opposed to having to build it themselves.  It took Centercode less than two days to implement Sentinel Cloud into their application in order to deliver their new per project license model.  This project was initially driven from the business side, but now as a result of the positive outcome, is being fully supported by the technical staff.

Better than me telling you how well Centercode’s evaluation went, why don’t you watch and listen for yourself.  Luke spoke at a recent customer event where he shares his companies experience evaluating Sentinel Cloud.