SafeNet Sentinel® Cloud Services now supported by Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform for connectivity with back-office applications, including CRM, ERP, billing and marketing automation

BALTIMORE — July 12, 2011 — SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, announced that Sentinel Cloud is now supported by the Dell Boomi AtomSphere cloud integration platform, enabling cloud service providers to easily connect SafeNet’s licensing and entitlement management services with their existing on-premise or cloud-based back-office systems. This capability speeds time-to-market for SaaS, PaaS, and other cloud service providers by significantly reducing the time required to integrate software licensing and entitlement management into their business processes.

The Dell Boomi AtomSphere is delivered as-a-service to integrate two or more SaaS or on-premise applications. Through a newly-designed AtomSphere connector, SafeNet’s Sentinel Cloud Services licensing and entitlement management solution can connect to back office systems commonly deployed software vendors for CRM, ERP, billing, and marketing automation.

“The ability to not only design and easily adapt a complex service catalog, but to also control access to and measure usage of the offering is critical to any cloud service provider’s monetization strategy,” said Rick Nucci, chief technology officer, Dell Boomi. “Cloud service providers rely on the Boomi Atomsphere platform to simplify the business processes that drive their cloud service offerings by ensuring that critical systems, including their software licensing and entitlement management service like Sentinel Cloud, are all communicating. Our connector with SafeNet is another step towards simplifying the integration work associated with cloud service delivery.”

Sentinel Cloud is the industry’s only complete and proven solution for software monetization in the cloud. SafeNet’s quarter century of experience in delivering best-in-breed software licensing and entitlement management solutions ensures a quick and easy process for cloud service providers to build versatile service catalogs, provision and authorize user access, measure service usage, and instantly adapt their service offerings to embrace new and evolving market opportunities. Only with SafeNet’s Sentinel Cloud Services can software publishers successfully package, deliver, and manage any cloud-based application delivered to a PC, laptop, or mobile device.

“Integrating software licensing and entitlement management into existing back-office systems has historically been a complex process for software and cloud service vendors alike – it’s expensive, time consuming and can be a significant drag on time-to-market,” said Chris Holland, vice president, Cloud Services, SafeNet. “SafeNet’s connector on the Dell Boomi AtomSphere platform eliminates this problem at a time when time-to-market has become absolutely critical, because so many vendors are working feverishly to move their applications to the cloud.”

The addition of SafeNet Sentinel Cloud Services into the Boomi AtomSphere enables software and cloud service vendors to:

  • Simplify the licensing integration process to reduce cost  and time to market
  • Eliminate future integration burdens by leveraging other vendors connected to the Dell Boomi AtomSphere

SafeNet’s portfolio of Sentinel Software Monetization solutions provides software publishers with the industry’s most trusted software protection, licensing, and entitlement management products and services for installed, embedded, and cloud applications. Visit,, and to learn more.