Ever since software systems have been around, people have been working to connect them together to get added benefit.  Sometimes that leads to large integrated all-in-one systems, sometimes it leads to efforts to standardise API’s and communications protocols and it almost always leads to lots of professional services.

In the cloud though, that’s changing.  One of the most innovative companies I have seen is Boomi (now Dell Boomi).   Their website does a better job of explaining their value proposition, but essentially it translates communications between systems – kind of like the Babel Fish (from HHGTTG), but for software.

Boomi is an important partner for SafeNet and our SentinelCloud offering because it allows us to offer instant connectivity to tons of systems.  Because we created a standard connector from our cloud offering to Boomi, we have an instant connection to any other software application (on premise or cloud) that also has a connector to Boomi.  Hence the Babel fish reference.

Boomi is leading the market in this space and has a huge selection of connections built in to their service.  As a Boomi partner, we significantly shorten deployment times for our customers and increase the reach we have into the growing SaaS market.

Read the entire announcement about SafeNet’s partnership with Dell Boomi here.