Each year, Frost & Sullivan conducts intensive best practices research to determine how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership.  By analyzing each company’s performance and comparing it to its top competitors, they assign performance ratings.  Frost & Sullivan also looks at the key industry challenges that can be addressed by product line strategy.  An effective product line strategy for the software license management industry has to not only accommodate new business models, but also readily support new deployment options, new platforms, and new product architecture.

SafeNet trumped its competitors in five key areas: breadth of product line, size of addressable customer base, impact on customer value, impact on market share, and breadth of applications and markets served.  SafeNet’s Sentinel suite of products, including Sentinel HASP, Sentinel RMS, Sentinel EMS and Sentinel Cloud, provides its customers with a one-stop licensing experience that fully addresses a variety of use cases, platforms, business models and deployment scenarios.

Frost & Sullivan also concedes that while SafeNet and its main competitors serve each segment, the Sentinel product line is best able to offer high degrees of customization to their customers (desktop software, embedded software and SaaS licensing segments).  The SafeNet Sentinel product line is also able to meets their customer’s licensing needs with a variety of licensing deployment options. “By complimenting their traditional dongle-based solution with software- and cloud- based enforcement options, SafeNet is in the unique position of allowing ISVs the flexibility to choose the option or options that best meet their requirements.”

Frost & Sullivan determines the strength of a product line in terms of how features and quality directly impacts market share.  Accounting for more than half of the software license management market, SafeNet has continuously been able to adjust to its customer’s needs.  “By engineering its product line to meet changing business models, enforcement preferences and deployment scenarios in desktop software, and by building comparable breadth of use case support in the other segments of the license management market – embedded and cloud – SafeNet’s product line is best positioned to contribute to maintenance and growth of its market share moving forward.”

Frost & Sullivan, through their extensive research in the software license management industry, concludes that “SafeNet’s Sentinel product line covers the broadest range of markets and use cases – both current and emerging – which translates into the strongest market share today, and continues to dominate this market.”

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