I recently found a blog post on software licensing and virtual environments that reinforce our position on software licensing and virtualization.  It reflects on the challenges in software licensing in virtual environments, and how IT and innovation are being hampered by monolithic licensing practice in this space.

Here’s my reply to the original post:

“We sure are glad to know this problem is getting more understanding in the IT community!  For exactly the reasons you describe in your article we have adjusted our solutions and strategy to match, and we are the first and only technology solution in this space.”

“Starting a little over one year ago, we posted about virtualization and the importance of securing data in the cloud and started communicating this problem to the publisher community because we believe that if they won’t solve the licensing problem for their customers, start up vendors will.”

“Luckily, the very technologies that are creating the problem also present the solution – a mixture of connected entitlement, enablement and metering technologies can deliver simple and equitable solutions to both parties and precisely match the elastic models that are so in demand right now.  Not only does this go a long way to solving the licensing issue but we believe that it can foster significantly improved relationships between publishers and their customers,  as well as create competitive advantages for publishers.”

“At the end of the day, when a customer is selecting one vendor over another, the pricing model and flexibility of the vendor often trumps any other factor in the software decision making process.”

Read the original article on ComputerWorld here.


Chris Holland
VP SRM and Cloud Services
SafeNet Inc.