Earlier today, SafeNet issued the following press release:

Sentinel® Products and Services Provide Developers with an Easy, Flexible Migration Path for Transitioning from On-Premise-Only to Hybrid or SaaS-Only Delivery Models

News Summary:

  • SafeNet’s® technology delivers the industry’s only licensing and software monetization solutions with a single, common operational platform for on-premise ISVs (independent software vendors), software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors, and developers with hybrid portfolios.
  • SafeNet’s Sentinel® technology provides a dynamic “live” licensing back-end entitlement management system that accurately maintains and reports licensing states, empowering ISVs to maintain better control over usage and deliver richer customer experiences.
  • The Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often design philosophy of all Sentinel products is intended to provide product packaging, delivery, and management flexibility for software publishers. The Cross-Locking feature of this design is unique to each Sentinel solution. With the latest release, Sentinel Cloud is now the industry’s first and only solution to support both software and cloud-based licensing with a single set of APIs and a common back-end entitlement management system. This makes Sentinel Cloud the ideal solution for ISVs transitioning from a purely on-premise software delivery strategy to any combination of hybrid or cloud-based delivery strategies.

BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection, today announced enhancements to its award-winning Sentinel software monetization solution, Sentinel Cloud, that enables independent software vendors (ISVs) to easily license and monetize their on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based solutions.

SafeNet Executive Comment:

“This enhancement to the Sentinel portfolio was specifically designed for ISVs that are reaching for the cloud but not quite ready to make the full transition away from on-premise software,” said SafeNet vice president, product management, Jake Fox. “We know there are a lot of reasons why vendors can’t fully transition their software to the cloud – from legacy customers to legacy back-end systems and licensing models. We get that, and we have enhanced the Cross-Locking of our Sentinel portfolio specifically to help them seamlessly migrate all or a portion of their business to the cloud on a timetable that works best with their existing architecture and licensing models.”


To gain the benefits of cloud computing, software developers are transitioning from traditional software installed at the end-user premises to SaaS-based solutions, which provide them with operational savings and a much more engaging user experience. As these vendors make the transition, many are finding that their on-premise licensing models do not easily transition to the SaaS world. In order to help customers address this issue, SafeNet has enhanced its Sentinel software licensing and monetization solutions to meet the needs of software developers making the transition to the cloud.

Leveraging the unique Cross-Locking component of Sentinel Cloud’s Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often design philosophy, software developers can easily ‘test the waters’ of SaaS while still making the most of their traditional solutions. Sentinel is the only available solution on the market that enables vendors to transition at their own pace, while supporting all software offerings with a single set of APIs (application programming interfaces) and a centralized back-office entitlement management system. By doing so, it helps users try new and more flexible licenses, regardless of how the software is delivered.

Sentinel’s cloud-based software delivery has created a continuous “live” engagement model that provides ISVs with visibility into all service usage, resulting in instant access to customer intelligence in order to fuel low-touch sales cycles and provide customers with more flexibility, faster start times, and a better overall experience.

Key Benefits for Customers:

SafeNet’s award-winning Sentinel family of licensing and monetization software and services is designed to drive monetization by enabling software developers to define flexible service catalogs, provision contracts, and automate business processes, as well as control and monitor usage, and adapt offerings to meet customers evolving needs.

The features of SafeNet’s Sentinel Cloud solution, which have been designed specifically to support an ISV’s transition from on-premise-only to hybrid or SaaS-only delivery models, include:

  • Common source code for all applications, whether installed on-premise or delivered as a cloud service
  • Support for cloud elasticity to address the licensing demands of SaaS users
  • Offline behavior control, including usage data collection and enforcement to support ‘usage-based’ business models for occasionally disconnected applications
  • A single common operational system for provisioning and delivering business metrics to streamline all licensing and entitlement management tasks across an ISV’s product and services portfolio

Only SafeNet’s Sentinel technology provides all of these features in a single solution.

Industry Comments:

“Many software developers are challenged with licensing policies that pre-date cloud. Rudimentary licensing controls and metrics that worked for on-premise software or in early ‘wildfire’ stages of SaaS growth – like per-user or per-month – may no longer work as cloud services scale. Having a solution that’s flexible enough to adapt to developers’ delivery models and scale as they grow puts SafeNet in a unique position in the market.”
– Amy Konary, Research Vice President, Software Licensing, Provisioning, and Delivery at IDC.

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About SafeNet’s Software Monetization Solutions

SafeNet offers the industry’s strongest, most flexible software licensing and management solutions. The Sentinel portfolio provides award-winning IP protection, software licensing, and entitlement management technology that minimizes software piracy risks and enables flexible licensing, pricing, and packaging models that help software developers create new revenue opportunities and improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about SafeNet’s cloud-based licensing and entitlement management service, visit www.sentinelcloud.com. To learn more about SafeNet’s full portfolio of software monetization solutions, visit www.safenet-inc.com/sentinel.

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