Recently, SafeNet’s Prakash Panjwani had the opportunity to sit down with the team at TMCNet and discuss SafeNet’s success in the security market. As a part of that interview, Panjwani attributed much of the company’s growth to a strategy comprised largely of acquisition and adaptation. Through several strategic acquisitions, SafeNet has positioned itself well within the evolving security landscape.

One trend that Panjwani is seeing first hand is the evolution of companies migrating to the cloud.

Most notably, he predicts that software offerings will exist as more of a hybrid instance than dedicated to on-premise or SaaS exclusively, and that these services will need to be adaptable, flexible, and seamlessly integrated.

He also cites the trend beyond software licensing and into the world of software monetization. Taking software licensing beyond just revenue recognition, software monetization provides a broader perspective than just preventing piracy or protecting IP. It encompasses the entire business growth strategy of a software development firm, from protecting revenue to maximizing efficiency and beyond.

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