What do you really want from your software licensing solution? Strong, robust protection is great for you and your company. With piracy and reverse-engineering threats lurking around every corner, you need a solution that will strengthen your security. But what else should you be looking for out of a software licensing solution?

SD Proget knows! A long-time SafeNet customer, this organization was looking to leverage their existing licensing solution and improve their software monetization strategy. They had grown accustomed to the high level of protection that the Sentinel line of products provided, and knew that they wanted to stay with SafeNet.  However, they also needed a solution that would provide them the flexibility to improve upon their end user experience. “We needed to maintain the same level of protection but also wanted to incorporate trial versions into our licensing process,” explains Davide Morando, a software engineer at SDProget.

With these needs in mind, the company ultimately chose a hybrid solution, merging the strength of Sentinel HASP HL with the flexibility of Sentinel SL. Antonella Peirolo, marketing at SDProget, best explains the company’s satisfaction with SafeNet: “We love the ability to deliver trial licenses to prospects. It shortens the sales cycle and allows us to easily convert opportunities to customers.” The implementation of the strong, yet flexible Sentinel HL and SL solution improves customer experience, while still protecting against piracy threats.

Sure, your licensing solution is strong. But what about the flexibility that your customers are looking for? Can your current licensing solution give you the strength and flexibility that you really need?

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