Way, way back in the long forgotten days of 2012, the software industry learned about a new concept called software monetization and quickly became intrigued.  Software companies now had a fresh approach to revenue generation, imagining the pure excitement of accounting departments everywhere.  After all, we’re talking about taking a software solution that’s already been developed in some cases, and making it more efficient, secure, effective, and profitable.  Analyst firms likewise evolved their position on traditional software licensing models to take this more holistic and synergistic approach to software business operations, and just like that, software monetization was born.

Here in the LicensingLive community, we’ve shared industry approaches about software monetization, what it means, and what it consists of.  In this post by Michelle Nerlinger about the four aspects of a comprehensive software monetization strategy, we learned what makes up a successful software monetization strategy.  In 2013, LicensingLive is focused on giving you the information, resources and tools to take software monetization to the next level and into an active and successful strategy for your business.

There are a number of new resources that are available from SafeNet that can help you with your software monetization strategy.  Whether you’re new to the term or an industry veteran, there are tools and resources to help you, communities to ask for advice, and people to help.  Here are just a few of them:

It’s going to be a great new year for the software industry.  From cloud to mobile, on-premise to virtual environments, the one thing that is guaranteed in 2013 is that technology will continue to change faster than expected, and software companies that are prepared for growth are poised for success.  Are you ready?

Wishing you the best success in 2013 and beyond!