SafeNet recently exhibited at the 2013 Embedded World trade show in Germany, which was a first for us. I have to admit, before I arrived, my expectations for this show were not exactly overwhelming. This was certainly not a reflection on the event organisers, but more on the industry itself. I mean, how much gloss and glitter can you add to PCB’s, CPU’s and welding robots? Wow, was I wrong about that! I don’t think I have ever attended a show that had so much going on. Wherever you looked, you would be consumed by lights, colors, sounds, and yes, some very slick robots. If you’re using NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover to showcase your products, then you are definitely doing some very cool.


The show was a real eye opener for me on how diverse the embedded software industry really is. More than any other, this industry really does touch everything we know and take for granted every day of our lives.


Here’s a glimpse into the SafeNet booth presentation where we demonstrate how embedded licensing models are optimized for specific environments using a toy that made many Embedded World attendees take notice, a remote-controlled race car and track.


For me, the most exciting takeaway was the widespread acknowledgement that software in embedded devices is becoming more capable, more sophisticated, and more relevant. We can apply decades of experience in monetizing software into this incredibly diverse market, and accompany these vendors as they take their first steps into a more software orientated world. I really can’t wait!