SafeNet announced today that they are now securing the fast-growing Android mobile device market with its new product, Sentinel RMS Embedded.  This announcement is best summarized by SafeNet’s VP of Marketing, Michelle Nerlinger:

“End-user demand for access to high-value content and applications from mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, has reached an all-time high.  In order to capitalize on this growing demand, mobile device manufacturers and application developers need a way to effectively provision, control, and manage applications deployed within mobile environments without compromising security, user experience, or insight. Software licensing and entitlement management technology will provide vendors with the tools they need to do just that and SafeNet is thrilled to help solve this challenge for the Android platform.”

In addition, the SafeNet solution for the Android market was praised by Samsung Electronic’s Principal Engineer, Mr. Youngsup Kim:

“Delivering a best-in-class device is no longer just about size, shape, and performance; it’s about providing an experience, and bundled software is an increasingly important aspect of that experience. As hardware value is increasingly driven by value-added software, the ability to protect, control access to, and track the usage of that software is paramount to maximizing revenue and profitability. SafeNet is the only software monetization solution vendor positioned to help the mobile industry with this challenge.”

SafeNet is offering a free trial of the Sentinel RMS Embedded solution for mobile device manufacturers and mobile application developers who are looking to secure their mobile devices.