In today’s business landscape, virtualization allows for the removing of resources from physical assets and allows for business to be more agile.  Virtualization is by no means a new initiative.  Since its infant stages in 2005, virtualized servers have already been launched by most organizations, which are looking to virtualize even further.  In 2013 alone, the Virtualization Solutions market is expected to grow 12.3% year over year.

While network virtualization helps enterprises reduce costs, it also poses a challenge for software producers, who have traditionally relied on the ability to bind licenses to something physical in order to control access to their software.

Please join SafeNet on December 11th, 2013 at 2pm for the 4th Ask the Experts webcast of 2013, focusing on solutions for licensing in virtual environments.  During the webinar you will:

  1. Learn about the risks associated with software deployment in virtual environments.
  2. Find out about industry best practices for licensing in virtual environments – Past, Present and Future!
  3. Discover how SafeNet’s cloud-based solution will eliminate all dependency on node locking when licensing software in virtual networks.

Software producers need new tools to track, control, and manage the use of their applications when deployed in highly advanced virtual networks. Some of the more traditional software licensing tools include Deny & Detect, Physical Dongle, and Fingerprinting. The next generation of virtual software licensing includes solutions like Sentinel Cloud Licensing from SafeNet. With Sentinel Cloud connected licensing, placing the licenses and the license manager outside of end-users networks ensures the licenses cannot be duplicated or used without the knowledge of Independent Software Vendors. Cloud connected licenses lock a user and not a physical node machine, which promises legitimate use of licenses. ISV’s have full control on how many licenses are running, standalone and in parallel, to generate the billing accordingly.

With numerous options for software licensing, it is important for ISV’s to understand the benefits and shortcomings of the various tools for licensing their products.  They need to be in sync with what solution will work best for them and ensure that it embraces virtualization and fully protects their software.

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