Every so often, an opportunity presents itself that changes the software monetization industry for the better.  Before the evolution of cloud, the move from on-premise hardware licensing methods to software licensing changed the way many ISV’s do business today.  Brace yourselves, because the Internet of Things is poised to flip the software monetization market yet again.

By 2020, research firm IDC expects the Internet of Things (IoT) to be comprised of an estimated 212 billion devices. In a recent interview with THINKstrategies’ managing director, Jeff Kaplan highlights just a few of the new monetization opportunities that will come from the IoT.  Wireless devices are everywhere, capturing data and making boundaries obsolete.  And as expected, security and privacy are playing a dominant role in the IoT discussion.

The most successful software monetization strategists will effectively balance the growth of their software offering in the age of the Internet of Things, while keeping software protected and the user experience seamless.  Are you ready to seize the opportunity?