ISVs have long relied on product keys (otherwise known as software license keys) to ensure that their software is only being used by those entitled to do so. Oftentimes, these product keys are also used to control use of specific features, based on the agreement the end user has with the ISV. Despite the value these product keys hold, they pose a number of challenges for both ISVs and end users.

From the ISV’s perspective, these challenges can occur at any stage of the key management cycle; from generation through delivery and upgrade. For example, if a key is lost, misplaced, or misused, a customer might feel frustrated at not being able to use the product, and this in turn can lead to a poor customer experience and potential revenue loss for the ISV.

Managing product keys is equally challenging for end users. They need to make sure that they do not lose the product key, and also track them for validity and violations. Any violation of the license terms can lead to a potential lawsuit, with the ISV claiming damage to their reputation, among other things.

What ISVs and end users need is a solution that simultaneously protects copyright, simplifies management, and seamlessly enforces compliance. Cloud monetization provides a way for ISVs to do just that: it allows them to protect and license their applications without the hassle of generating, delivering, and upgrading product keys. Cloud-hosted license servers interact with software applications, ensuring that the applications always have the latest licenses and can only be operated by end users with the appropriate entitlements. This eliminates the pain of having to manage product keys manually, and provides a view of all the licenses available to the end user.

Thanks to their unique architecture, cloud-based solutions also provide:

  • Instant and automatic synchronization between end-user license and application
  • Enforcement and reporting capabilities for a seamless compliance process
  • Application usage tracking for improved customer insight and/or generating usage-based license models

Cloud monetization offers more than just copyright protection and enforcement; it also makes it incredibly easy for ISVs and end users to manage their software licensing, resulting in significant cost savings.

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