I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Viavi Solutions. It has been a pleasure to learn how Viavi deploys software monetization solutions to increase revenue, improve its customer experience, and strengthen relationships. Viavi leads with great products and has implemented operational efficiencies to respond to its customers’ needs more quickly. Several years ago, it was great if a company could master one of these areas, but today, cutting-edge companies like Viavi are leading in all three functions: customer intimacy, product leadership, and operational efficiency.

Maintaining its goal to delight customers, successfully scale, and profitably innovate cannot happen without solid processes and best practices in place. I have experienced that Viavi product managers are always coming up with innovative new products, and with that they are always considering how they can improve their software delivery techniques. They listen to their customers’ needs and continue to evaluate ways of adapting their standard operational processes for new delivery methods. For example, a customer implementing on a virtual system will need to support the licensing of its products in both virtual and non-virtual environments. Supporting different licensing environments simultaneously sets the stage for advanced business models. Viavi’s best practices of adapting to agile modules enable it to deliver both fixed licensing and cloud licensing today as it moves to the next generation of products.

As Viavi continues to build on these best practices and offer new virtual products, it has decided to work with Gemalto’s software monetization solutions to deliver licensing and entitlement management in the most effective way. Sentinel EMS not only enables Viavi to sell finished goods and service contracts more effectively, but it also helps keep track of them by analyzing what customers have in their install base. Viavi’s finance team loves the idea of being able to track and audit the financial aspects of its products, reducing any potential for revenue leakage.

The next step for Viavi is to continue to improve its current customer portal, which will involve improving the customer experience and optimizing the back office for greater customer satisfaction. The company’s goal is to offer on-demand licensing activation and touchless entitlement to anticipate its customer’s needs, making it available to them as quickly as possible.

Viavi offers some great products and technology and we’re glad to provide the additional tools it needs to deliver the best customer experience its customers deserve. For more information, watch Viavi’s presentation at LicensingLive! 2015, as well as our webinar, Subscriptions Are Eating Software, which offers valuable pointers for anyone building software or intelligent devices, or trying to establish a recurring revenue business.