Every business will be a software business. That’s what Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella famously said in 2015, but he wasn’t the first. In fact it’s an idea and phrase that has now become so pervasive among the “technorati” that actually digging into it and fully understanding its meaning for the average business may sometimes become overlooked.

LL! 2016 Blog

That’s why one of the sessions I’m really looking forward to attending at next month’s LicensingLive! 2016 event will delve deep into this very topic.

Presented by IDC’s Amy Konary, Research Vice President, Software Licensing and Mobile Enterprise Applications,and Juniper Networks’ Mark Seery, Sr. Director, Strategy and Corporate Development, the “fireside chat” will focus on how cloud and virtualization are expediting the adoption of software business models and what this really means for intelligent device vendors and software providers. They plan to discuss what it will take to successfully launch and grow innovative new businesses in this new paradigm.

Questions I’m really looking forward to hearing discussed include:

  • What are the key forces driving this transformation?
  • Which key business model elements must be in place?
  • How are software and service supply chains fundamentally different from traditional product supply chains?
  • What technology considerations should I focus on to enable this business?
  • Who are the top 3 stakeholders within my organization and how should they adapt to this transformation?

It’s always so useful to get the benefit of first hand experience in managing such big transitions so hearing Mark talk about his own company’s efforts in moving from a hardware to software-centric business will also be invaluable. Mark will talk about what software business models and monetization approaches made sense for Juniper, and how that has enabled them to launch and grow innovative new businesses. The combination of Amy’s wide and deep understanding of the broad changes in the software monetization landscape, coupled with Mark’s practical application of new strategies and practices within a real business will make this session un-missable. I’ll certainly be arriving with a number of questions I’ll be itching to ask!

If you are currently involved in a product or device-oriented company and are undertaking, or about to undertake, a shift from “shipping boxes” to delivering positive customer outcomes through software then in my opinion, LicensingLive! 2016 is one event you really can’t afford to miss!

It takes place on November 1-2, 2016 in Cupertino, California. View the full agenda and register for free!