The next Deciphering Product Management forum is coming up on November 10, 2016 at Red Hat Annex, Raleigh, NC. The event, which is sponsored by Gemalto, will look at product roadmap and go-to-market strategies in the rapidly evolving technology sector. Among the speakers are a number of top executives, all eager to share insights that will help you drive product innovation, streamline product lifecycle, and generate growth.

Gemalto’s Director of Product Management, Sreedhar Tatavarthi, will deliver his keynote presentation on the topic of value creation and capture. In it, he will explain that as competition goes global, customers are placing greater emphasis on quality and reliability – without compromising on value. The primary objective of a product manager is to create that value and capture it in a way that maximizes profitability. However, most companies are either so focused on value creation that they leave money on the table, or they are simply not agile enough to capture all the value. The good news is that some major companies are starting to take a more agile approach to the product lifecycle and, as a result, are capturing more of the value they create.




About Sreedhar

With more than 14 years of experience in the software industry, specializing in software monetization, Sreedhar knows a thing or two about promoting and driving strategy for products aimed at enterprise customers. His bio states that he is “amazed by the transformation that many companies are going through and is passionate about helping them by offering best-in-class products and services”.

In addition to Sreedhar’s keynote, be sure to catch all the other fabulous presentations on the agenda:

  • Identifying the Right Product Mix
  • Working in an Agile World – Roadmaps vs. Customer Feedback
  • UX = Voice of the Customer
  • Using the Right Data to Drive Change
  • Overcoming Product Management Challenges

Join us on November 10 at 8:30 AM for breakfast and networking, followed by presentations throughout the day.

VIP entry is free for SIIA members and qualified executives, subject to availability. To RSVP, click here.
Entry for non-SIIA members is $299, subject to availability. To register now, click here.