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Todd Steel

Director, Product Management, SafeNet, Inc.

A member of the SafeNet team for more than a decade, Todd Steel leads the product management efforts associated with SafeNet’s suite of software licensing and entitlement management cloud services.

Prior to his focus on cloud services for the software industry Todd has held multiple product management roles all focused on product lines designed to better service the licensing, entitlement management, and software protection needs of the software industry.

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Executives to Product Managers: “Show me the Money!”
10 years ago

Executives to Product Managers: “Show me the Money!”

I can tell you with first-hand experience that being a product manager is a tricky and thankless role!  On paper, your task is to understand customer needs and translate them into product requirements. You must then work closely with your R&D team to realize those requirements into a product that hits the market at the right time and at the right price.

Sounds simple, right? The reality is that its way more complex than that, with a myriad of decisions and trade-offs to make along the way.  Product managers have to  react to the realities of what is possible in the time and budget available, and constantly adapt to changing market conditions and competitive moves.

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The 4 Attributes of Successful Hybrid Licensing
11 years ago

The 4 Attributes of Successful Hybrid Licensing

As ISVs plan to expand their existing on-premise offering and evolving into additional cloud-service offerings, a very important consideration is often overlooked. Is it possible to effectively license the same application as both an on-premise solution and as a cloud-based service?

When looking for the right technology to monetize their offering from on-premise and into the cloud, an ISV must take into consideration these 4 critical aspects of licensing technology: Read More

Sentinel Cloud 1.1: Featuring Custom Usage Metering
12 years ago

Sentinel Cloud 1.1: Featuring Custom Usage Metering

The latest improvements from SafeNet’s service includes another great way for software vendors to monetize their offerings: custom usage metering. Read More

Software Licensing & Entitlement Management for Product Managers
13 years ago

Software Licensing & Entitlement Management for Product Managers

Often when talking to customers I find the conversation of licensing focused solely on ensuring compliance – that is to say, making sure that their customers don’t run afoul of their license agreement. That’s like buying a Ferrari and never getting out of 1st gear.  Business intelligence is one of many over looked major benefits of a properly configured licensing and entitlement management system. Most would agree that reports from ERP systems are generally not flexible enough nor tailored enough to give Product Managers the information necessary to make intelligent decisions around the future of their product roadmap and packaging strategies. To fully realize the potential of your licensing system it is important to remember the business benefits of tracking the customer use of the license. At a basic level, as a product manager, I want a licensing system to provide me the necessary information to make these decisions: Read More