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David DiMillo

Principal Consultant, Software Licensing Professional Services - SafeNet

Dave joined SafeNet in March 2010 where he now leads the company’s team of Software Licensing Consultants world-wide. As SafeNet’s Principal Consultant, Dave is responsible for guiding enterprise-level software vendors through the daunting challenge of fully integrating license enforcement into their businesses. Dave specializes in top-down methodologies that include helping vendors define their corporate licensing goals and philosophies, designing system architectures, as well as developing business process and technology requirements that serve the myriad of needs across organizations.

Dave has an unparalleled amount of experience designing, launching, and managing some of the industry’s most complex licensing systems that manage millions of installed software seats including software development tools and CAD/CAM solutions. Prior to joining SafeNet, Dave spent the previous 11 years leading the licensing strategy and implementation for the Rational software division of IBM.

Dave graduated with honors from the University of Maine with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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Geben Sie dem Frieden eine Chance – mit Abstraktionsebenen

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