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The Third Industrial Revolution – IoT – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

In the last decade, our lives have been transformed by Mobile, Social, and Cloud technologies, as well as by an ever-growing, intersecting network of smart, connected devices. Just as the way that we access, consume, and interact with information and technology has shifted, monetization models are changing as well. It’s more than just a revolution. It’s evolution.

Amy Konary
Research Vice President, Software Licensing and Mobile Enterprise Applications, IDC

Software Monetization Driving the Quote to Cash Transformation – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Omkar Munipalle
Director of Strategy and Business Development, Cloud Monetization, Gemalto

Flexible Licensing, Business Models, Usage Based Models – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Darim Rahmatallah
Product Manager, Software License Enforcement Solutions, Gemalto

How to Leverage Sentinel Solutions for Customer Success – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Julie Armstrong
Solutions Architect, Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Firmware Integrity, Hardware Licensing, and Connected Licensing – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Todd Steel
Director, Product Management in the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Pricing Transformation – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Matt Johnson
Managing Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Pricing Model Flexibility as a Competitive Advantage – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Many companies perceive the shift from up-front licensing models to subscription or usage-based models as an all-or-nothing proposition. In reality, many organizations are faced with addressable customer groups that have diverse purchasing processes and buying needs. In order to serve these markets effectively, sales processes that highlight choice and flexibility as competitive differentiators are able carve out a premium positioning.

In this session, Joshua Bloom, a Partner in the Technology practice of Pricing Consulting leader Simon-Kucher & Partners, will highlight the key decision points that help companies succeed in this balancing act.

Joshua Bloom
Global Head of Software, Internet, & Media/Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

Panel – Monetization Strategies you can Implement Today – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

This session will bring together hands-on experts to dive into key issues you need to consider for the future monetization of your company’s core value. Panelists will highlight key monetization issues they expect to see in the near future so you’ll understand the environment in which you’ll be competing. Then we’ll suggest key things you can do now, to make sure your company is in a strong position to best exploit those future opportunities.

Chris Kocher
Founder and Managing Director, Grey Heron

Launching a License Management Project – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Dave DiMillo
Principal Consultant for the Software Monetization division at Gemalto

Welcome – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Ansgar Dodt
VP Strategic Development and Managing Director at Gemalto

Future-Proof your Business – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Jake Fox
Vice President of Product Development, Software Monetization, Gemalto

Gemalto’s Business Transformation Journey: From HW to SW – LicensingLive! 2015

LicensingLive! 2015

Learn about Gemalto’s successful transition from hardware manufacturer to software vendor business and what some of the key factors were in that success.

Jean-Francois Schreiber
Senior Vice President – Identity, Data Protection and Software Services Gemalto