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Amy Konary

Research Vice President with IDC

Amy Mizoras Konary is a Research Vice President with IDC focusing on software pricing, licensing, provisioning, and delivery research. In this role, Ms. Konary is responsible for providing coverage of software go-to-market trends including volume license programs, evolving license models, global price management, and licensing technologies through market analysis, research and consulting.

In her coverage of software maintenance, subscription, electronic software distribution and licensing technologies, Ms. Konary has been instrumental in forecasting future market size and growth. Ms. Konary was also the lead analyst for IDC’s coverage of software as a service (SaaS) for eight years prior to focusing exclusively on pricing, licensing, and delivery.

Ms. Konary has authored groundbreaking and award-winning research on many elements of software pricing and licensing, and is often quoted in the industry and business press. She is also a frequent speaker at high-level industry events and seminars around the world.

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